Tips and Faq

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How it works

Countries I Visited main goal is for users to keep track of their trips and share with friends.
You can add trips with photos and text and select countries to be highlighted on the map.
  • First start creating a new account.
  • Once you have logged in go to the homepage and select a country in the map.
  • Select "Yes, I've been there" and then the map will highlight the countries you have been or wish to visit.
  • You can also add trips and share with friends and family.
To share a trip, you need to go to the trip page and click on "Share Trip". Then, you can copy the URL and send to your friends or just click on the Facebook button to post on facebook.


You can manage your personal information, including name, password and payment information on the Account Settings page.
When logged in, select the "User Profile" and then choose "Account Settings" on the right menu.
If you don’t want to add any more trips in the near future, you don’t have to delete your account, you can just pause your subscription for as long as you wish.
If you do want to delete your account for good, log into your account go to User Profile and click on "Cancel Your Account". All your trips will be deleted.